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Grand Valley Woodcarvers






The draw was held Sunday, March 18, 2018, at 3:30 p.m. at RIM ParK in Waterloo, ON. The winners are listed beside the photos.


First Prize

Pair of Wood Ducks

Created by George Wickham

Valued at $1,200.00

Won by Susan Gehl of Kitchener, ON

Second Prize

Miniature Great Horned Owl

Created by Martin Ward

Valued at $800.00

Won by Dave Willis of Wingham, ON

Third Prize

Tiger and Cub

Created by George Wickham

Valued at $200.00

Won by Jeannine Barkhouse of Kitchenr, ON

Fourth Prize


Quilted Wall Hanging 32.5 in.x 16 in. (82 cm. x 41 cm.)

Created by Carol McLaren

Valued at $400.00

Won by Michael Konstantinidis of Cambridge, ON

Fifth Prize

Wood Burner

Made By Razertip Industries

Valued at $300.00

Won by Kaen Harnack of Kitchener, ON

Sixth Prize

Turned Wood Bowl

Created by Wally Peeling

Valued at $200.00

Won by David Long of Arwood, ON

Wooden Pen Set

Hand turned by Bob Solomon, Valued at $110.00

Won by Lal Raniga of Elmirta, ON

Created Aug., 2017 by P. McLaren based on work from Barkhouse Photography