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Grand Valley Woodcarvers






2017 - Raffle Winners

The winners of the 2017 raffle (raffle licence M740293) by the
Grand Valley Woodcarvers at RIM Park in Waterloo at 3:30pm on Sunday,
March 19, 2017 were:

Prize  Winner City of Winner

Parula Warbler by Ute Strelive

  Lionel Dwyer Port Rerry, ON

Puffin by David Ricci

 Lynn Burnett
Rockwood, ON

Razortip Woodburning Set
Donated by Razortip Industries
Value $350

 Dan Meloche Amherstburg, ON

Quilted Wall Hanging
by Carol McLaren
Value $300  

Greg Asmussen
Guelph. ON
Wooden Bowl
by Erwin Psrent
Value $250

 Stew Whitney Waterloo, ON

Wooden Pen Set
by Bob Soloman
Value $60  

Ray Lang Guelph, ON

Congratulation to all the winners.

There will be a Raffle for the 2018 Show.




Created July, 2016 by P. McLaren based on work from Barkhouse Photography